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The Statvis Advantage

A powerful web-based platform for storing, comparing, exploring, and visualizing environmental analytical chemistry data.

Web-based Easy Access

Traditional database and visualization software is expensive and limited by device. Statvis is accessible from any web-enabled device.

Fast and Agile

Statvis is set up in a series of modules that are intuitive to use. You will be able to move from raw data to an interactive visual in minutes.

Automated Dashboard

An automated summary of the number of samples analyzed, how many exceed a guideline, and an interactive map showing their locations.

Fingerprinting Built In

Explore your data to separate multiple sources of chemicals on your site and ensure that you are only managing those related to your operations.

A simplified Statvis dashboard view

For Environmental Consultants

You need a place to see all of your data together so you can explore it for patterns and trends and make sure your proposals are comprehensive. Statvis will help you save your clients money and close sites faster.


For Oil & Gas Companies

Knowledge transfer is seamless with Statvis. Quickly compare proposals and reports to the dashboard to confirm that management of a site is in line with your goals and plans.  Statvis will help you reduce your booked liability and accurately plan programs.

A simplified Statvis dashboard view

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