Welcome to your personal data vault.

The Store Module makes it easy to manage everything that has been uploaded to the site, review and search data, create groups and assign samples to them. Every major lab has a data format that works well to get analytical data into Statvis quickly.

A simplified data screen from Statvis
A simplified comparative screen from Statvis

Make knowledge transfer and planning a breeze.

The Compare Module has everything you need to compare your samples to applied guidelines quickly. Look at the site as a whole or pick specific parameters and areas of interest. Create formatted tables or visuals for use in your reports.


Separate sources like a data scientist.

The Explore Module helps you determine data distribution, replace non-detects, fingerprint salts and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. We have automated this complex science to make it fast and intuitive to use.

A simplified mapped data screen from Statvis

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